How Citywix Works for your Business

What is Citywix?

Find More Local Business

Citywix empowers individuals, entrepreneurs, & small to medium-sized business owners to leverage the magic of the Internet to connect with more customers through the power of search engine optimization, productization, and content marketing.

Get Found Online

The #1 hot tip for people who want get customers for their business in 2020 is to list all of your services / products online so that search engines can pick up on your keywords and direct relevant traffic to you. Listing your services on Citywix is a free, quick, and painless way to organize your businesses product offerings and start getting found in search results.

Finding Products and Services to List

You can create a personal shop for a virtual garage sale, or you can create a shop to advertise your businesses most popular deals and specials. The more services you list, the better you rank – it’s that simple!

Listing your Top Selling Products and Services

No one can order from your business if they don’t know what you have to offer. Citywix makes organizing your businesses products and services quick and easy. You can add listings at an hourly or monthly rate, fixed amount

Continuously Improving Our Platform

We do continuous SEO work to ensure we can deliver the maximum amount of search engine traffic possible. If you want to support our ongoing efforts, upgrading to a premium account will get you access to preferred ranking and paid search engine marketing. Visit to reach our about upgrading your account. If you have feedback - we’d love to hear it!

Selling on Citywix


Open a Storefront

It's quick, easy, and free to create a local storefront for your business.


Add Listings

Add your best-selling products and services as listings in your shop.


Get Found Online

Once indexed by Google, it's only a matter of time until your listings show up in relevant search results.

How to Order


Choose Details

Browse local storefronts or find product and service listings via search.


Send a Message

Include a message with your order directly to the shop. No credit card needed!


Get a Response

The seller will respond directly to your message by email. It's that easy!

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